Self-inflating life rafts

Our repairmen have several years of experience, knowledge and skills in servicing and inspecting self-inflating life rafts. Almost as one of the basic means of survival at sea every vessel, whether it is a boat, yacht or ship, needs to have a self-inflating life raft.
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Rafts for yachts

Rafts for yachts are made according to the ISO 9650-1 standard, and are periodically serviced in Croatia every 24 months (for rafts up to 12 years old).

DUMI has an exclusive license to service yacht rafts from the following manufacturers: YOULONG, EUROVINIL, PLASTIMO, SEASAFE

Rafts for ships

Rafts for ships can be SOLAS and NON SOLAS rafts, when we talk about NON SOLAS rafts in Croatia, double-sided-open rafts (OR rafts) are the most represented, which are serviced in a time interval of 18 months, while SOLAS rafts must be serviced in a period of 12 months.

DUMI has exclusive approvals for servicing rafts for ships from the following manufacturers: DSB, FUJIKURA, SEA SAFE, YOULONG

Service — review of the MES system

In addition to the service of self-inflating life rafts, DUMI also performs service-inspection of the MES system (system for rapid evacuation from the ship), and has exclusive approval for the inspection and servicing of MES systems from the following manufacturers: BRUDE, FUJIKURA
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