Dumi d.o.o.

We are an organization that offers professional service and verified quality of equipment, licensed by the world's leading manufacturers.

Employees are trained and licensed to perform service at authorized equipment suppliers.

The organization fosters good interpersonal relations and a stimulating atmosphere, so that employees contribute to the development of trust towards our customers with their professional work and motivation.

The application of the Quality Management System according to the ISO9001:2008 Norm provides a prerequisite for quality management of business processes, and thus leading customer satisfaction.

The success of the business is defined by keeping satisfied customers who bring new ones with their recommendation, and the added value of the service rendered makes business easier for the customer and harmonizes his legal obligations.
Chairman of the Board
Renato Jamić
Member of the board
Branimir Vulić
+ 385 (0)21 490 814
Service manager
Dražen Maslovara
+ 385 (0)21 490 920
021 547 654
Working hours
Monday — Friday
07:00 — 15:00
Put Dračanice 1, 21204 Dugopolje
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